The Central African Republic's population is more than 2.8 million and consists of 80 ethnic groups. Protestants, Roman Catholic, Muslim and traditional African are some of its religions. The language mostly spoken by the Africans are Sangho and French. Few can speak American English.Agricultural products and natural resources such as cotton, coffee, peanuts, tobacco, livestock, diamonds, gold, oil, textile and uranium are some of the most traded products with other countries.The Industryfs main problem is lack of funds and equipment for processing and manufacturing their products. Thus, the United States of America has been aiding for years for progress. Some other aid they have been doing for the Central African Republic are family planning and mostly on health programs. In return, the government let the US invest on gold mining and diamond mining. Oil is also being collected but the prices of the product are not yet released in the market.Africa is considered as one of the richest but as the worldfs least developed country because of the governmentfs corruption. The people have been wanting to have a leader who can flourish more of their natural resources and products, and follow the implemented laws. But no leader has been able to do their promises to their people in years.